06 January 2014

Design Manifesto

Good design is great thought and thorough research.

Christmas Day Hiking

I'm so behind all the time. Some photos of my Christmas day hike. It was short but sweet.

17 November 2013

Food Front Cooperative Grocery

Packaging design concepts supporting eating local, organic and sustainably sourced food.

10 November 2013

Packaging Concepts

Paper bag or reusable bag concepts for Food Front Cooperative Grocery store.

29 October 2013

We love instagram!

Bruno Ribeiro has created a real life Instagram by using a cardboard frame modeled after the ever popular social media platform and filters of different colors framing some of London's most photogenic spots.
"Ribeiro placed cardboard cutouts of the all-too-familiar Instagram square replete with a plastic coloured film so that people could use their smartphones to take pictures of sites through the faux filter. Whether it is a commentary on the social media phenomenon of Instagram and our obsession with photographing everything, or just injecting whimsy onto the streets of London, Ribeiro’s project makes viewers, stop, think and then snap away."
Source: Real World Instagram Filters
See more here: Real Life Instagram


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